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SKLPC Manav Sewa is dedicated to providing humanitarian services

SKLPC (UK) is more than an organisation that organises sporting tournaments and Navratri!

Our objectives also extend to improving the lives of our Community, to provide relief from poverty, sickness and distress. With this object in mind, today we extend our humanitarian services to include Manav Sewa.

The initial service that SKLPC (UK) has decided to offer is a meal service. We have identified that there is a need for our community members comprising elderly, disabled and families (that need to use the facilities of a food bank) to be provided with wholesome sattvic meals.

Many elderly and disabled people struggle to obtain a wholesome meal for various reasons, for example they live alone and are unable to cook for themselves, they may not be able to afford to. Families that they live with, may be time constrained and therefore unable to make a whole Gujarati meal and this is exacerbated on Ekadashi.

Initially we aim to provide the service as one meal per week, with an additional meal on Ekadashi (Mon-Fri).

The service is provided on a free and confidential basis.

We aim to start this service in May 2024 once our new infrastructure works are complete.

We also recognise the need to provide our elders with an opportunity and setting to socialise in an informal setting with their peers. Temples provide an opportunity for those that wish to, to connect with god, family gatherings provide a sometimes-infrequent opportunity to connect with family members, SKLPC (UK) will provide now provide a regular opportunity for our elders to social and connect with other people. We are in effect creating an elders social club, they will talk, play games, exercise, eat together, all funded SKLPC (UK) as part of Manav Sewa.

The first fundraising event for this sewa will be our London Samaj to Cardiff Samaj bike ride, if you would like to partake please click here.