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SKLPC football team and our tournaments are now on press and here are some of them listed.

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The 2001 SKLPC Tournament

IntroductionWith thirty six senior teams entering the 2001 tournament the mathematics for once were simple. The teams would be split into six groups of six. The defending champions premiere Eurocom (formerly Beetacom) were drawn in group six and showed they meant...

The 2002 SKLPC Tournament

IntroductionWith the images of the 3 R’s still fixed in everyone’s imagination, it came as no surprise that the 2002 Samaj Football Tournament became the biggest tournament, in terms of the number of teams, the Samaj had ever seen. The 41 teams, yes 41 entered the...

The 2003 SKLPC Tournament

IntroductionOnce again, the near impossible task of relaying the event of 6 July 2003 has fallen upon my poor shoulders, but before I begin the gruelling task of telling you all about the 2003 SKLPC football tournament end because and I can’t think of a witty way to...