SKLPC(UK) operates on a day to day basis through an elected Executive Committee & 15 Sub Committees. The SKLPC(UK) Executive Committee consists of: 9 Trustees 10 Office Bearers (President, Vice President, 3 Treasurers, 4 Secretaries, 1 Internal Auditor) 5 Specialist Advisors (new from 2012) 21 Gaam Advisors 6 Independent Advisors Any number of Co-Opted members (for leading special projects / tasks as and when required). In addition to the Executive Committee we also have: 15 Sub-committees who conduct specific activities (eg. Saturday School, Navratri, Saaheli, Cricket Club, to name but a few) An External Auditor who ensures that SKLPC is working within set charity rules and guidelines. Together, we focus on the areas of Education, Culture, Social and Sports activities to keep SKLPC (UK) moving forward. executive comm