Unacknowledged Facts

10% of the world’s population are illiterate. (Unable to read or write) You are reading this now, which means you are not illiterate, however everyday when reading or writing something it probably does not cross your mind that there are many people in the world who cannot even spell their own names. This is because they have not had the access to education.
Every second, around 5 people are born and 2 lose their lives. Whilst you have been reading this, many humans have entered our world and many have left. This just proves how precious time is, how we should use it wisely, not take advantage of it!

5% of us consume 23% of the world’s energy, but in some parts of the world, people have never seen a television or cooked using an oven.
13% of us do not have clean drinking water, however how much water do we waste as a whole every second?

The 25% of India’s population with the highest IQ’s, is greater than the total population of the US, so India has more honours children than America has children, yet India is still seen as a developing country.
1.23 billion monthly active users of facebook, which is now available in more than 70 different languages and on average, 5,700 tweets are posted per second. This goes to show how much social media means to us nowadays. What did people do before Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media networks were invented?

By Devika Suryakant Varsani