SKLPC SEN did it again!!! They took 107 cyclists to participate in the London Bikeathon 2012 which took to the streets on 16th September 2012 to help raise funds for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. Having participated for 3 years running, this year was no different. Riders saddled up on Sunday morning to join this event at the Royal Chelsea Hospital to take on the challenge of either doing 52 miles, 26 miles, 13 miles or the Kids Bikeathon.


The 52 mile cyclists started very early in the morning to ensure they had plenty of time to complete their goal. One participant Jay who did 52 miles completed the challenge as his number one goal even though he went through immense pain after having pushed himself at Richmond Park which resulted in him suffering from lactose acid in his thighs which was dealt with immediately by paramedics on site.

We spoke to another participant Vinod Bhudia who said “The 52 mile London Bikeathon was a challenge for me as I suffer from sciatica (a pain from the lower back down the leg). On the day the pain kicked in after 35 miles and I had no choice but to cut the route short and return back to the starting point. After a quick physiotherapy session I was feeling light relief but the ultimate decision of continuing on with this pain loomed. After deliberation and motivational talks from my family and fiancée Hima, I decided I would attempt to continue and complete the remainder of the course. After a gruelling 2 hours, I returned completing the remaining miles motivated by the compassion for those suffering with cancer. With adrenaline pumping I crossed the finish line, I was extremely delighted that I made the decision to carry on, as all I could think about was the reason why I was doing the challenge in the first place – to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma research”.

The youngest rider taking part in the 26 mile Scenic Route was Ayesha-Ria Jina aged 9. Her reason for doing this challenge was to help save young lives and she felt it was important that she can be part of this event and do something for those suffering from Leukaemia & Lymphoma. Although she struggled and at some stages cried, she battled the pain barrier and didn’t give up till she reached the finish line.

Another brave boy was Rahul Jina, aged 12, who despite falling of his bike and sustaining injuries got treated by paramedics and decided to finish his challenge as he did not want to let his sponsors down.

These are just some of the stories of participants who took on this challenge from the 
heart. The commitment that they and the other participants of SEN Bikeathon team have shown will no doubt be well appreciated and go to a good cause. Many of our team members carried on our tradition to have a well-deserved picnic in the park after this tiring event. Lunch included samosas, dabelis and chocolate to raise energy levels back up for the trip home to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

The last two years the SEN team have received awards for their enthusiasm and for having such large teams to add to the research of this awful disease. This year was no different as we again won the award for the largest fundraising team. The total amount raised this year was £14,579.18 making us the TOP FUNDRAISERS for the last 3 years running.


With the help of the sponsors and our riders’ commitment we can honestly say we have added to the community and are helping to raise not only awareness but also to the research involved in finding a cure for lymphoma and leukaemia.

We would like to thank our sponsors and well-wishers. Without the help of Crystal Units Ltd (Vijay Halai & Pankaj Gorasia), our bikes would not have reached as quickly and many of our team would have had their very own Bikeathon to get to Central London for the start line, also thanks to Shay Naiy for our delicious lunch and to our volunteers on the day including Radha and family, Deviben and family Jyotika Patel and Jyoti &

Raksha Jina: SEN Team