We have a 100% pass rate with our GSCE Hinduism students, including A*s.

The 7+ syllabus is taught in the form of story telling.

The syllabus will cover:
~ Hindu Holy Books
~ What do Hindus believe in?
~ Worship and Celebrations
~ Family Values
~ Thinking about others
~ Unity in diversity
~ Hinduism and other disciplines like Music & study
~ Hindu ethics and society
~ Wealth and poverty
~ Connections > How to think about God

Those entering for GSCE Hinduism don’t necessarily have to be at the ages of 15-16 as the children will be able to progress through to the GCSE classes quickly from the Primary Hinduism classes.

Their syllabus will cover:
~ Background of Hinduism
~ Concept
~ Scriptures
~ Beliefs & values
~ Religion in daily life
~ Religion & rationally
~ Life and death
~ Hindu ethics and society
~ Wealth and poverty
~ Connections

Why Study Hinduism?

Hinduism is the most ancient of all the religions. The true definition of Hinduism is “Sanatan Dharma”. It is as vast as the ocean and it is a living religion. The teaching of Hinduism are refreshed throughout the ages by the Great Rishis. Rishis can be both ancient and modern. It is a universal religion that unites despite the diversity we see in humanity”.Despite its broad nature, it is a structured and a well-defined religion.

Come and join the Hinduism classes in SKLPC and explore this beautiful Religion:
~ To understand and celebrate your roots & tradition
~ To know your true aim in life as per Hinduism
~ Be confident about your faith
~ To understand the link between education, science and religion



11:00 – 12:00