English & Maths Tuition

Our main objective is to provide additional help to students, thereby raising their standards and confidence. This is essential as the complexity of the educational system is mind-boggling with SATs, GCSEs, AS and A-Levels.

Year 1-3

These classes introduce students to more practical work. They are encouraged to create and recognise the alphabet and numbers as well as progressing with their learning to read and write. The learning pace of these classes is leisurely taking into consideration the age and concentration limit of each student.

Year 4-9

These classes aim to reinforce the work done at school by further improving the level of understanding, and the students’ confidence within their weaker areas. Where student are progressing our teachers will introduce new topics to help students easily understand new concepts.

Year 10 & 11

In Year 10 students are expected to have a sound knowledge of Mathematical and English concepts although they may be introduced to new ones during the initial terms. Intensive revision is provided for Year 11 on techniques and methods on how to answer exam questions, and all examination boards are covered. Students are placed in classes with pupils of similar abilities and at the relevant levels they are studying for GCSE.

A-level Maths

These lessons follow a general Pure Mathematics syllabus and cover all examination boards. Work during the first term is usually geared towards module exams in January and in the following term for the final module papers. The class is adapted to the needs of the students.


English & Maths Tuition


Yr 6 – English

Yr 7 – Maths

Yr 8 – English

Yr 9 – Maths

Yr 10 – English

Yr 11 – Maths

Yr 12 -Maths

9:45 – 10:45

Yr 6 – Maths

Yr 7 – English

Yr 8 – Maths

Yr 9 – English

Yr 10 – Maths

Yr 11 – English

Yr 12 -Maths