Ninja Code Academy Ltd are pleased to be partnering with SKLPC Saturday School to offer a physical computing lessons for kids aged 8 up. Younger children may be accepted based on an initial assessment to see if they are able to cope with the content.

Coding” is the “must have” digital life skill of the moment.

Become an inventor!

Learn “hands on” software coding skills and to design and interface to physical hardware including robots !!

Why should children learn to code? Because the programmers of today will be the wizards of tomorrow!

~ Coding is the 4th literacy

~ Lead, not follow the Digital Revolution… Now!

~ Enhance career choices – The job landscape in 10 years is unknown

What and how will they learn? Hands-on computer design and software coding skills

~ Learn to create and interface to “physical” hardware

~ Inspire curiosity whilst sharpening their cognitive and reasoning skills

~ Develop life skills in presentation, teamwork and leadership

~ We offer termly courses where all Ninjas start off with a White T-shirt and then are awarded badges at the end of each term. There are 4 badges:

~ Yellow, Orange, Red and Blue with the aim being to become a Code Ninja when your child will earn a black t-shirt.

*Please Note*

Children will need to bring a Windows Laptop with them to class each week. This does not need to be a high powered and expensive computer. Something basic will do the job, certainly for our software.

We like the kids to wear their t-shirts to class each week and badges will need to be sewn on each term.

For more information about coding classes please get in touch with us via email or mobile.



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