bharatnatyam dance

This type of dance has been used as both a vehicle of worship and as an expression of ones most profound emotions in the various states of mind. In this dance form, every hand gesture and body movement is imbued with meaning to create a language of motion by which stories from religious scriptures are choreographed.
Bharatanatyam classes at SKLPC Saturday School are run in conjunction with Nritya Kala Dance Academy by Smt. Rakhee Pindoria who has been classically trained in Bharatanatyam and has been awarded the title of Smt. Bharata Bushan Rakhee Pindoria in 2008. She aims to give young girls the opportunity to learn this beautiful and pure dance form that encourages self-discipline and enhances the knowledge associated with classical dance, culture and tradition.
Bharatanatyam is a classical dance form originating from South India. It can be summarised as BHA for Bhava or expressions, RA for Raga or melody and TA for Tala or rhythm. The word NATYA is Sanskrit for the art of sacred dance and drama. Bharatanatyam can therefore be defined as a pure dance form of expressions, melody and rhythm. It also involves a complex yet beautiful amalgamation of foot and hand work with body movements to give a dancer her persona to perform classical dance.


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