President’s Message

Dear Shree Kutchi Leva Patel Community (UK) Jay Shree Swaminarayan, Jay Shree Krishna and Namaskar, First of all, may I thank you whole heartedly for electing me as your SKLPC (UK) President following our 46th AGM that was held on the 18th May 2019. You have been supporting the Samaj in many ways in the form of your participation and also in great financial support. We have the following activities for which we would like to invite you along with members of your family:
• Our Annual Mela will be held on the 22nd September 2019. The event is scheduled as per details herein and on behalf of Members of the Board of Trustees and the members of the Managing Committee, we look forward to your full participation.

• Our Navratri is getting very popular every year and again with your presence and support, will make the event even more successful. We have dedicated 13th Oct 2019 which is Sharad Poonam a very “special / Exclusive Day” for our community (Kutchi Leva Patel Community). You will be served with special prasad suitable for the occasion so please make a note of this date in your diary.

• You must have observed the efforts we have put in bringing our community together over the past few years especially. This includes full support from our Temples and all the gaams amongst others and we will continue strengthening and engaging with our wider communities and especially our younger generation who are our greatest asset and future leaders.

• Lastly, we have the task of building our long awaited new “lndia Gardens” Complex. Fundraising was launched during the 46th AGM. We continue to brief members of the community during the respective Gaam Annual Functions taking place. We hope you will all take the opportunity to fully engage in the events above. The Community is built on values of togetherness and a strong sense of identity that unites us all. lt is the responsibility of all of us to preserve our heritage and culture and move our great Community forward. Sau no Saath, sau no Vikas Yours sincerely For and on behalf of SKLPC (UK)

– Veljibhai Parbat Vekaria (President)