Dear Community Members, Friends & Supporters,,

Our Samaj has been investing in our Community Development in the areas of Education, Sports, Cultural & Social activities over the past four decades in the UK. Thousands of students have taken the opportunity to benefit from our Educational Programs and Career Development Events. Men, women and children of all ages have participated in our ongoing sports activities and have enjoyed our cultural and social activities.

Whether you are one of these individuals who have enjoyed and participated in these activities or one of the many dedicated volunteers and well wishers who have been supporting our Samaj by committing your valuable time or financial resources towards these various activities for the benefit of our community, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.
In order to build a long term sustainable funding model for our activities going forward, our Samaj has embarked on a new “Investment in our community” program to continue, enhance and develop our ongoing successful activities and promote new activities for the benefit of our community. The Investment in our community program is divided into five separate designated funds, namely:-

  • Education
  • Sports
  • Children’s Cultural
  • Community
  • General

The money raised within these categories, will be ring fenced for that activity and all donations will be kept in a savings deposit account and only the interest earned will be used to contribute towards the activities to make supported activities financially sustainable and viable for current and future generations to enjoy.

You can make a real difference to enhance, enrich and make life more enjoyable for yourself, friends and fellow members by supporting these new designated funds. To make a difference simply
donate towards these designated funds or take an active part in all the activities with your friends and family.

It’s your Samaj.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Kanji Parbat Hirani (Mirzapur)
SKLPC(UK) Chairman of the Board of Trustees