Some of the people wanted to know who are this SKLPC NCP car park team, and what they do when they are not at SKLPC, who has been serving SKLPC community for past 20 years. Same old team year after year.

It’s 20 years of experience at SKLPC, whether its Annual function or Navratri for 12 days in a row Car park volunteers are the first on site and last to leave, whether it’s raining, or sunshine, the team members would have parked cars for Annual Function 2700 cars nearly 13 ½ hours of walking and guiding cars to and from. On a typical day they would clock around 15 to 30 miles on the day. One need to be fit and ensure write cloths are worn at all time.

Volunteers for car park must have good knowledge how to speak politely, help the disabled, old people, and especially the young children, ensure their safety and are happy to park the car were appropriate. And lastly ensure our VIP are look after and guided inside with care, and welcome and appreciated for being at sklpc.

This car park team has seen over 20 years, 4 SKLPC presidents come and go, dozen trustee come and go, 100 committee’s members come and go, yet this car park team has not change for 20 years,

In 20 years at SKLPC, they have never been on stage, never been mention on SKLPC web site or SKLPC magazine, they have never played Navratri or mingle with Annual function community members, because they have been busy car park for nearly 8 to 10 thousand community members. and yet they have never ever complained about their communities’ service they are serving. They have given hundreds of hours’ year after year helping SKLPC in maintenance to run SKLPC

Car park Volunteer’s CV, some the them are directors of the company, some are project managers, some are site managers, train engineers, to very high skill builders, many has NCVQ Level 4 degrees in construction, and some are also qualified Health & Safety and first aiders, etc. and yet are car park Volunteers, serving the communities serving they love.

When they not working they are serving their own communities as Gaam President, communities trustee, Treasures, Secretaries, charities presidents, running marathons for charities, climbing mountains, trekking in aid of needy children, and serving leas abled children, years after years. And helping many other charities. They are qualified to hold any position in SKLPC committee yet they prefer to work as silent workers.

The team vision and Moto believes we must keep our custom and our religion for sack of our next generation. We have great Hinduism books that teaches us to serve Humanity. And we must all past our knowledge to our next generation. And our Samaj is a great place to keep such customs.