Do we appreciate what we have?

Think… Everyday what do you complain about? How much do you wish you had a certain something? It is not a bad thing to wish for things we don’t have, but at the same time we should be grateful for the things we do have.

Even the littlest prospects of everyday life, such as transport, healthy/wealthy life, education, a job, friends and family – the list is endless. Personally, I think that we should take more time to just stop and be satisfied with what we do have, rather than be unsatisfied with the things we do not.

It is not easy, to not make a single complaint in your life as it is only human for us to want something that is not in our possession, however something to think about is – whenever you feel like you wished you had something, just picture people in the world who survive without the simplest things in life that we can use every day. All over our Earth, there is someone suffering, or someone watching their loved ones suffer…

The next time you ‘need’ something, think – do you need it or do you want it?
By Devika Suryakant Varsani